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Hey all, I know I'm not really active here anymore but if anyone is still watching my journal activity, I'd like to announce a campaign I'm running to raise funds for my partner. This past weekend he broke his back, foot and arm in a motorbike crash and has a long road to recovery ahead. More info can be read here and any donations or support are beyond appreciated <3 <3 Thanks for taking the time to read/view/share this, it means more than you can imagine :iconsweethugplz:
So my awesomely talented friend Ashley is making custom dragon eggs!! She can ship anywere in the world and they are only $20 each, custom made to your colour specifications! (Please talk to her via the link below to see what colours are available)

You can check them out here!

Sample egg she has made already!! Dragon Egg

Go show her awesomeness some love :meow: :heart:

It's so cute, you'll die!

Sun Mar 2, 2014, 12:16 AM by chi-u:iconchi-u:

What's so cute you ask? And why will you die?

A very hard game + insane cuteness overload = it's so cute, you'll die!

YES! This is a platform game I am my friends are developing! The graphics are being done by me and we have already begun development tests! Stay tuned, this game won't take long at all to complete! :D

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My friend joined DA!

Tue Jan 28, 2014, 2:18 PM by chi-u:iconchi-u:

Hey guys :)
Go check out my friend's DevianART page! She just joined, and is a fabulous fine artist! ^_^ naomi-claire-fineart.deviantar…

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Colour my lineart?

Fri Dec 27, 2013, 1:17 PM by chi-u:iconchi-u:


I am looking for someone to commission to colour a sketch of mine (basically do a lineart and colour it in a very professional realistic style. This is the sketch I have, but I am yet to add details to it:…

I would like to commission or request somebody to paint the sketch I will provide in a professional realistic style, similar to:… because this will be an official artwork that will be placed on posters, the website etc for my game, Mana Cycle:

I could paint this, but my skills are rusty and I need something really beautiful and clean, and it also needs to capture the characters face well, and look like them (this will be easier once I sketch them out).

Here's the catch! I can't spend too much.. maximum $30-40 AUD.

So, can any of your guys suggest anyone who takes cheap colouring commissions (thinking it might be cheaper if I provide the sketch) or even requests?

Thanks :meow:

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Hey everyone,
So! As most of you may know I am making a fantasy RPG PC game!! Oh you didn't know? Read all about it here!…\

But, its time for all of you to really get involved!! I am holding a contest for designing Armor, Weapons or a shield! Or everything!!

The best designs will be chosen to win, those winning designs will be available IN THE GAME!!

I strongly suggest that you read about Mana Cycle here before entering:

If you want, you can use this template/base to draw on:
Design contest template by chi-u
Also, if you want, you can read about all the different type of items here so it can help you decide what type of weapon/armor/shield to design!

Rules & Guidelines:

:bulletblue: Things you can design are: :bulletblue:
> A weapon (all kinds accepted. e.g staffs, swords, bow & arrows, tridents, maces etc, anything you can think of!)
> A shield
> A full armor set (I will need a front and back view of the armor design)
> A matching shield and weapon
> A matching shield, weapon and armor set (I will need a front and back view of the armor design)

:bulletblue: What style should I draw in? :bulletblue:
The style will be a mix between games such as Darksiders II & Torchlight 2. Closer to Darksiders II however.
Please try to adhere your best to a cartoon-anime style. Here are a few examples:

It would be great to see some really interesting awesome armor designs. Perhaps glowing due to a mana source or something. Here are some examples:

Tips for detail:
Try adding some cool hilts on the swords, something perhaps involves the shape of a wing like these:…
Elemental weapon/armor/shield's are more than welcome!! The world revolves around the elements and the weapons/armor/shields can be powered by a Mana Orb like this:…

:bulletblue: How many times can I enter? :bulletblue:
You can enter as many times as you like!!

:bulletblue: But what if I'm not very good at art? Does this effect my chances of winning? :bulletblue:
Nope!! Art quality will not matter at all - as long as I can see enough detail to make out the general shape and patterns etc. this will be fine! It isn't a quality winning contest, it is an originality contest!

:bulletblue: Do I need to colour my entry? :bulletblue:
Yes please! The winning design needs to be 100% before submitting, sketches only will not be accepted. I say this so the winning design is purely 100% yours alone! Even basic flat colours will be fine, so major detail doesn't needs to be added unless you want to!

:bulletblue: Do I need to name my designs? :bulletblue:
Yes, otherwise this leaves more work for us, thereofre not making your design 100% your own, which is an important factor needed to win

:bulletblue: What specifics are needed? :bulletblue:
You need to let me know if it is an item that needs to be crafted in the game or if it can be found as a treasure already pre-made. If the design wins, I will chat further with you about it to decide on materials needed to be collected to craft it etc. Depending on how this goes, slight changes may need to be made, but I will take care of that alongside you.

:bulletblue: Where do I submit my entries? :bulletblue:
Simply send me a link in a comment or a note! :)

:bulletblue: IT MUST BE ORIGINAL!! :bulletblue:
If something is copied, I will know and you will be banned from the contest. Unfortunately I cannot take risks like this. This game will hopefully some day be a commercial product and we cannot risk the "unknown fact of something being stolen",

:bulletblue: What is the deadline? :bulletblue:
31st of December 2013, 12pm AEST*



Mana Cycle: Crusader Armor by Nemo-Nessuno Mana Cycle: Crusader Armor back view by Nemo-Nessuno~ by Nemo-Nessuno
Highland Armor Set by IceFang111andSomesword Designs by IceFang111~ by IceFang111
Contest Entry for Mana-Cycle... by FrozzenLayer~ by FrozzenLayer
Bluemoon Throwing Axe by SchillieAE~ by SchillieAE
Echo Of The Desert by wolfnoom~ by wolfnoom
Armor of the Silver Wing by Caharvey~ by Caharvey
Weaponry 325 by Random223~ by Random223
By entering this contest you acknowledge all rights to your design will be copyright of Mana Cycle. Once you enter you hand over all commercial rights to the design. This means if you wish to sell the design in the future to another game development company etc you cannot. However you will be acknowledged. Your name will be in the game credits.

*Deadline subject to change with notice.

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Check out this video that I have just made of me explaining a lot about Mana Cycle, the type of game it will be, style of gameplay and heaps more!!…

Follow the action over at the Facebook page!
Subscribe to my YouTube to stay tuned on updates and more!

Older updates below
Hey all, so we have a style defined for the characters. What do you all think?? A massive thank you to the amazing Kate-FoX!! :)
<img wytiwyg="1" src="…" alt="<i>© Mana Cycle</i>" &gt;="" <br="">
So, big news guys. I would have put this in the Mana Cycle journal here… but it's such big news it deserves its own journal!!

I am working with friends to make a third person 3D full roam adventure fantasy RPG game!!!! And it's gonna be massive!!

The game is going to be about Mana Cycle, my original story. You may have read about it already, but if not, check out the summary here:…
The game will begin in the main characters home village, Damper Village, seen here:… and will continue into a massive world called Avalon, mentioned in the summary above.

The game will be somewhat like a cute anime, mixed with Jak & Daxter and World of Warcraft, just to put it in perspective. It is going to be a massive game, with new game plus options to access higher ranks and secret bosses after you complete it once. The process is going to be a massive one, taking over a year to complete as I and the developers are in uni and/or working. But I plan on building a basic website for updates with a forum so people can keep track of the progress. Once we have a trailer organised, this will be when the site will launch.

I would really love to start a kickstarter project to raise money for it, but this may not happen for a while.

I also would like to hold contests here and there for the chance to have you sword/shield/armor etc designs in the game.

Let me know your thoughts! :) If you wish to donate to the game development, please note me and I can send you details! ^^

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Thu Aug 22, 2013, 7:07 PM by chi-u:iconchi-u:


:party: CONGRATULATIONS! :party:

Jesslicious-Arts, your prize has been delivered to you!! Thanks to everyone who participated, I will be doing more in the future, so keep an eye out ^^ :hug:


Old shit below :meow:

Hey guys!! I have never done a giveaway before so my first has to be a big one! :)


A 6 month premium membership!

I wanted to do a giveaway to say thankyou to all my watchers and my non-watchers for supporting me even though I haven't been active lately!

I'm back and active again on DA because I missed you all, and now that I am back everyone has been so welcoming, so thankyou all so much!! :3

OKAY! Details!

To Participate:

1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here:…

:bulletblue: Why? Because these days I am active on YouTube more than I am here, and I'd love to share my YouTube vlogs with all my loyal followers here too :)

2. Leave a comment on this journal!

:bulletblue: The comment needs to say why you would like a premium membership (even if you already have one!) and also include your YouTube username in the comment somewhere!

And that's it!!

All the participants who successfully complete the above 2 easy steps will be put into a draw, and a name will be picked from random!!


25th of August, 12:00pm AEST (2 days from now!)

Good luck everyone!!! :D

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I miss you all :'(

Sun Aug 11, 2013, 7:03 PM by chi-u:iconchi-u:

[EDIT] I fail at spelling.

Hey everyone,
I feel so incomplete! Lately I have been so busy with work and life crap.. ;_; I seem to have no time for DA anymore. But, nevertheless, I don't ever plan to deactivate my account because I know in my heart I will take up regular art again. I just don't know when :(

DA shaped who I am today. In years 7-8 in school when I was just 14.. gosh.. these past 7 years have gone so fast.. but getting back on track.. I fell in love with anime and manga which just tied in so perfectly with my love for gaming, and eventually ended in me pursuing digital art as a hobby.

When DA was thrown into the mix by one of my best friends, Ashieepants who has recently left DA it completed me! That may sound cheesy but I now had a reason for doing the art I was pursuing - to share it with the world of DA amongst so many millions of people with the same interests as me, so I did.

Over the years I have had many accounts on DA, but this one stuck and as my following grew here I felt a loyalty to you all to constantly supply art, and I loved it.. then when I left home to live with my amazing boyfriend and his family, I left our computer behind for my sister, a-k-u, and borrowed the drawing tablet every now and again. As that progressed I was basically forced to stop drawing and then over a year later, I finally got the funds to build my own custom gaming PC. It cost me roughly $2,500 and it was so worth it. At the time I also invested in a Wacom Intuos5 Touch Tablet for $300, and I finally had what I needed to do some real art.

But unfortunately, having these things didn't change anything. I had fallen into a habit of not drawing and working instead.. I tried to push this habit and that stuck for a little while, but not for long.

Until just last week. I watched a livestream of the amazing moni158, my inspiration for the last 2 years I used to draw. Watching this made me miss art so so so much and it made me tell myself to stop working so much and put some time into art again. So that is what I am going to try to do. I promise to try my best to bring new fresh artwork to you all, and if you have any suggestions to kickstart that, that would be fantastic (please no personal requests like OC's etc, fanart only atm).

I have also recently hit 200k pageviews and almost 4k watches. This means so much to me, and I am so thankful. :hug: I'm going to thank you all by bringing new art to my gallery - I might start with Korra season 2 fanart.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day :meow:
- chi-u

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I'm sorry for being so absent with my art and Mana Cycle updates recently. I know alot of you were looking forward to more info being released about Mana Cycle but I have been upto my neck with work lately.

I work full time, which is normally fine.. but I have recently started my own freelance business Raw Graphix and I have been overwhelmed with work. When I get home from my day job, my night job begins, with all my freelance work. But I am finally digging myself out of my pile of work and getting on track with things again.

If I keep going like this and don't take on to much more work I think I will have dug myself out of my hole full of work very soon! On the bright side, the amazing ReneAigner has done a fantastic concept painting for me of Wickroot Forest from Mana Cycle. I am going to be commissioning him on and off when I can afford it for all the locales in Mana Cycle. So thats where the progress of Mana Cycle is heading right now, so for those of you who were interested, don't worry, the project is definitly not dead! :)

I will resume with my arts shortly after I finish off freelance work hopefully! I need some inspiration... Very excited for Korra season 2. That will be a good stab of inspiration for me I think!

Thanks for supporting me even though I'm absent alot of the time! <3 It means alot to me!! :heart: Oh and I have been making animations lately. Click here to check out my latest animation and subscribe to my Youtube! <3
Hey guys! I saw this awesome artwork, it is probably here on DA? Not sure...… but anyway! It made me want to make an animation of these 3 guys as if they were pokemon trainers!! It would be fairly simple, but what do you think it should involve? What type of scenes etc? What should it itself be called? I'd love to hear everyones ideas, so throw em at me! :hug:
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[EDIT] Hello all! First off let me say a huuuuuge thankyou to everyone who auditioned for my upcoming animations for here and youtube!… I am so greatlful to all of you, but obviously only certain people could be chosen because the competition was tough!! So, without further ado, please check below if you have been cast!!

:bulletblue: Ash Ketchum: kyu-mosaicera Their audition:…

:bulletblue: Pokemon Sounds: KirasDarkLight Their audition:…

:bulletblue: Leda from Pokemon Awkward:  KirasDarkLight Their audition:…

:bulletblue: Squirtle from Pokemon Awkward: xxSeymourxx His voices can he heard on his channel!…

:bulletblue: AJ from Pokemon Awkward: xxSeymourxx His voices can he heard on his channel!…

:bulletblue: Brock: xxSeymourxx His voices can he heard on his channel!…

:bulletblue: Other voices: xxSeymourxx and Flaxington

:bulletblue: Link and other manly characters ;D Flaxington

:bulletblue: Future voice actors for animations that are not yet planned/scripted: everyone above and BlueNightGiGi

Thanks again to everyone who auditioned! If you didn't get casted, don't take it personally, it was probably because I need the best quality sound as possible ^^; There may be an opening you you in the future though! So keep an eye out! :hug:

For those of you who did get cast, please await my future notes for scripts etc :) [EDIT END]


Hi! I'm looking for someone to do some pokemon voices. Ash ketchum and brock probably. I can do misty, but maybe if someone out there wants to do misty that'd be cool :) I will be making animated versions of the Pokemon Awkward comic series by DarkKenjie. I have asked for permission and he gave me it, so this is gonna be fun! I just need voice actors :D It is preferred that you have a decent microphone, so if you are interested I please send me a note or comment here! :hug:

And if you are interested in seeing the animations once they are released, you can subscribe to my youtube here:… c:


Mon Feb 18, 2013, 1:00 AM
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I made a pokemon harlem shake animation! Subscribe to my YouTube if you liked this! <3…

See below for the New! (icon by Gasara)  icon to check out the latest updates :)

Hey guys... Lately I have been posting polls about my original story, Mana Cycle. I'm really excited to tell you guys about it, but I wanna know how many of you will actually be interested, so I know how far to pursue it. So, please find below some ramblings (excuse typos, its a rough draft/summary and ideas are still flooding through my mind) of mine which try to explain what "Mana Cycle" is all about. I'd really appreciate it if as many of you as possible would share your opinions and ideas, not just for the story, but for characters as well. I will slowly add more ideas and info to this journal over time, so if you see it published again in your message center, please don't hesitate to take a look at the most recent updates at the bottom of this journal ^^ Ok, here goes:

First Draft January 28th - 2013 - 3:49pm.

:bulletblue: There are main cities that outsiders wish to visit and work in etc

:bulletblue: The cities and the worlds surrounding it are powered by a "mana cycle".

:bulletblue: The mana cycle is a cycle powered by magical elements known as "mana".

:bulletblue: Mana is used in a many many different ways. It is used massively in synthesis to build and create new weapons, armor, accessories and also to power vehicles, to power appliances, to grant humans and other races abilities and powers, to provide electricity and stability, to provide support to help living things grow etc etc etc.... But furthest and foremost it powers the world.

:bulletblue: Mana is controlled in a form. This form is known as a "Mana orb", or "orb" for short. A Mana Orb is like a controlled and distilled peice of mana. They give living things power when successfully absorbed. Most of what you find lying around in forests etc is useful, but not very powerful. Some are completely useless. But many rare, powerful types exist. These are very hard to find, and whats even harder, is trying to control them. People use orbs by simply pressing them against their skin, and most of the time the body rejects the powerful ones. But if someone has enough will power and strength, they can control the more powerful orbs, inevitabely making them stronger, and granting them with powers. About 60% of the world's population cannot even handle weak mana. When the time comes for someone to find out if they can control mana, they always survive because the mana does nothing. They don't even feel a slight bit of power rushing through them. Even the weakest mana causes a feeling throughout the users body. If they feel nothing, they cannot gain powers from it. It is wise to test this with the weakest mana. It is the easiest to control.

:bulletblue: If the orbs are used for something other than absorbing by humans or animals, it will always be an invention, weapon, appliance or any other man built item. The mana orbs are used by simply inserting the required mana orb into the slot that the weapon or other item has.

:bulletblue: Mana orbs are created automatically and randomly through the environment. For example, on a very windy day, many air orbs will be born, forever floating in the sky for someone to claim for themselves or for resources. Or when a volcano erupts, more fire orbs are created than usual. If you are clever you can create mana orbs yourself by lighting a fire. But this would only create basic fire orbs. To gain higher class orbs you must travel inside volcanoes etc etc. But others cannot be made by man. Like lightning orbs. You must rely on the storms for those etc.

:bulletblue: orbs can be mixed together to create different types. An example is water and air is mixed to create an ice orb. Ice orbs can be found in icy areas without mixing others. The pure orbs that have not been mixed are stronger than those that have been made from mixing. So if you are after an ice orb, and can travel to obtain it, it is worth it.

:bulletblue: Another advanced type of mixing is called sythesis (synthesise, synthesising etc...). This type of mixing is not used to make other types of mana orbs, but it is used to make actual materials and resources like armor and weapons etc. E.g. earth and fire is used to make metal etc. The possibilities are almost endless. It is easy to mix weak orbs, but the stronger, rarer and older they are, the synthesis is less likely to be successful. E.g. the older it is, the more chance it will degrade to nothing or a weak type of metal or other material will be created etc. Same goes for orb mixing.

:bulletblue: Natural weather events are relied on to successfully create resources because weather is the only thing can can produce certain types of mana, and certain resources and materials need specific mana orbs to be synthesised. Not every type is made by weather however. Citizens work by mining to find orbs like earth, fire, dark orbs etc. They dive to find and deliver water orbs and so on.

:bulletblue: So how do orbs affect animals? I am making my own species of animals based off other real animals. But just like humans it's difficult to control the mana, sometimes resulting in death or weakness from the mana rejection. But weak animals can handle weak mana and strong animals can handle rare mana. Thus resulting in rare mana even harder to obtain when actually trying to search for it. Because there would be mana affected animals in the rare mana locations etc. But the more harmless animals are very friendly and normally make good assistants or pets. But depending on how well the animal handles the mana depends on the ability it gains when absorbing it. Same with humans. Say an animal absorbed an air orb. It could gain a powerful wind ability, or something as simple as flight/ability to levitate. But again there is a maximum type of ability you can gain from a weaker mana. If you reach the mana orbs maximum potential, you would then have to start using more powerful and rare mana, providing you can control it. Mana lasts forever once it is absorbed/synthesised. It is only degradable when it is in orb form.

:bulletblue: A list of common mana orbs exists in archives for those who study mana. As well as recipes for either mana orbs and synthesis.

:bulletblue: Many many types of minerals exist in the world too. These can be used to mix with orbs to synthesise stronger materials and resources. One example would be crystal. It is mined by workers and can be used to mix with Earth and fire to synthesise a stronger type of metal. Etc etc etc etc..... possibilities are again, almost endless.

:bulletblue: It is said amongst all races (but only believed by about 60%) that "what powers the world will destroy it".  Even though this is feared and believed, its not a huge problem. Because it is extremely rare that one person can control a powerful rare orb.


Main characters drafts will be added in the next update.. Thanks for reading! <3 For more exclusive updates, check out the group! Mana-Cycle. Its quite dead right now, but will have content published there asap! So if you feel like supporting my story, please watch or join the group! :hug:

Basic Kale concept January 28th - 2013 - 7:58pm.

:bulletblue: I have just finished the first concept art of the main protagonist, Kale. Surname still being decided. Any suggestions? You can check out the concept here and let me know what you think. A proper character sheet will be uploaded with different outfits, a height chart and info on completion asap. For now, just view the concept here: Let me know what you think, opinions will help me alot! ^^

Search for landscape concept artist January 30th - 2013 - 3:12pm.

:bulletblue: I am currently asking around trying to find the best competitive pricing for a concept artist for the landscapes, cities and locations in Mana Cycle. I am trying to think of a word to call the "world" as I don't really want to call it "world". Something like "Atmos" (unfortunately this is taken)... if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to let me know, I may use it! On another note, character concepts should be done soon!

Making sense of mana types January 30th - 2013 - 3:37pm.

:bulletblue: I have been chatting to coldfire0007 about mana types and mana orbs etc. They are helping me alot while so many ideas and concepts are floating through my head. Time to get organised and make  sense of all this! :D

Making sense of everything! January 31th - 2013 - 9:49pm.

I have just spent the last 2 hours updating the very first update in this journal titled above as "first draft". Haha on my damn phone... (galaxy S3). I have put everything together properly so it makes sense. So if you could read the new draft above and let me know what you think that'd be great :) also let me know if anything doesn't quite make sense to you and you think something needs to change to make sense! :D

Website & Logo Feburary 1st - 2013 - 9:18am.

After I finish commissions and other freelance work, I am going to start designing Mana Cycle's logo. Once the logo is done I will branch to design of that onto the website design and begin building its website! Oh, and while we are on the subject of websites, I do websites for $300. Note me for details :)

Help me choose the logo font! Feburary 1st - 2013 - 1:57pm.

I am in the process of designing the logo. These are the fonts I have so far. I like 4 and 4.5 the best. But, what do you guys think??

Logo finished! Feburary 1st - 2013 - 8:36pm.

The logo is done! Let me know your thoughts! Maybe now you can get a feel for what the story would look like ^^ Mana Cycle Logo by chi-u

Piecing things together... August 23rd - 2013 - 3:51pm.

So I haven't updated in 6 months, but I really do want to get this on track.
I am planning to do character concepts in my spare time and start putting everything together. The main protagonist also needs a reason to e on his journey - perhaps there is a council for each element/mana and he needs to travel to each one to master the elements and save something/someone. Maybe it could start with him needing to save someone but as the plot unfolds and as he learns more about the worlds he realises there is so much more the save and unveil in this "apparent perfect world of cooperation". It is slowly peiceing together and I plan to animate a trailer for the written story which will be here and on my youtube channel…

Let me know what you guys think of this, any suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated as I'm trying to make sense of all this! It really comes down to what the fans of this story will like to see/read, so this is mainly why I want suggestions from you all :)

Summary published! August 23rd - 2013 - 6:38pm.

OK! Tonight I have been peicing together every detail I have come up with over the past few months and making sense of everything, giving everything a base to stand on.


New! (icon by Gasara) PC GAME IN DEVELOPMENT!! August 26th - 2013 - 3:21pm

Ok guys, BIG NEWS!!
Two awesome friends of mine from school and college are on board with me to develop a fantasy RPG of mana cycle. This is big and very exciting!! It will be a 3D adventure RPG where you can level up the main character, grind for orbs to use for weapon and armor synthesis and upgrades etc. Man, this is great. Let me know what you guys would like to see in the game/features you would like to see etc!!

I am also developing a website to post updates on, and make this all official. :D

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Hey guys, following up on my previous journal… I am having a point commission sale. I am offering a half body colour for only 500 :points:! This is because my boyfriend has lost his job due to his work going out of business. We are both freaking out about money etc and I thought I'd offer a commission sale to try and ease the stress... If you can't help I understand, but it would be so greatly appreciated!

For examples and prices on other types of commissions please see:…

Please note me with the following form filled out and when you pay please use the widget on my page to pay! Just go here and find the widget that looks like this:… and click "request commission" and follow the prompts :3

Type: (e.g. chibi, half body etc)
Paypal name & email:
Short description of your characters: (e.g. other details not in references that you want me to include)

Point commissions open!

Thu Jan 24, 2013, 12:53 AM
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Hey guys :D I'm opening point commissions! Keep reading to find prices!

Examples of my work in this journal here:… as well as prices if you'd rather pay with money :meow:

But please do not donate the points to me via the "give" option on my page. Please note me with the following form filled out and I will create a commissions widget on my page when you are ready to pay that looks something like this:… where you can click "request commission" but the box will have the price set to what you are required to pay for your commission ^^

So! If you would like a commission, please fill out the following form and send it to me in a note! If you would like more than one commission please fill out the form for each separate commission.

Type: (e.g. chibi, half body etc)
Paypal name & email:
Short description of your characters: (e.g. other details not in references that you want me to include)

Chibi - 750 :points: Example:…
Half body colour - 1550 :points: Example:…
Full body colour - 2100 :points: Example:…
Half body realism colour - 3750 :points: Example:…
Portrait Realism colour - 6800 :points: Example:…

(All points are the equivalent of my real money prices)

Thanks guys!

Tidying up

Tue Jan 22, 2013, 1:53 AM
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Hey guys.. I spent half of today revamping my DA profile. Take a look and let me know what you think!

I also removed ALOT of stuff from my gallery. But don't worry, its all just been scrapped. So you can still view my scrapbook if you are interested in all that old crap XD But while you are there, take a closer look. I now have new folders with icons and a gallery CSS in each folder! :dummy: Let me know your opinion on that too? :3


New avatar :3

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 11, 2013, 12:56 AM
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I commissioned Fiveonthe to make me and my twin sister :icona-k-u: a new avatar! I love them so much :3 Just thought I'd let you guys know ^^ Mine is my OC, Jeremy and my sisters is her awesome OC, Caleb!

So, what do you think? Aren't they just so adorable! She does icons for only $5! So go and check out her work, she is awesome :hug:

CSS help

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2013, 5:22 PM
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Anyone out there upto coding a journal I designed for free? <3 :meow:

Revampin' mah style :D

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 4, 2013, 10:58 PM
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Hey gaize :3

You may have noticed a few different artworks from me lately.. these 2:
BLEACH | Final Getsuga by chi-u Dan Howell by chi-u

You guys seem to love my simple cell shading style more, so I am revamping it. Through the holidays I have studied anatomy more, and I am trying to get it more accurate in my new artwork. This is my new years resolution! To get everything right in my anatomy and draw decent artwork for once! ;_;

SO! In saying that, I will be painting realistically, like in the first image above, OR, I will be painting minimal. With very little, minimal shading, but lots of detail if that makes sense :confused: and I won't be uploading bad stuff! Infact,, I'm gonna start scrapping most of my gallery, but not until I get a few more decent stuff uploaded :dummy:

Any suggestions on who you wanna see me draw? :D